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Marie Reine du Canada

Who Are We?

Who Are We?
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2006 Pilgrimage
2005 Pilgrimage
2004 Pilgrimage
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To be a Pilgrim
Sacrament of Confession
Fraternity of Saint Peter
The Tridentine Liturgy
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Our Lady of the Cape
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L'équipement de base nécessaire

Marie Reine du Canada Pilgrimage, to Our Lady of the Cape shrine in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada, is organized by a group of lay men and women at St. Clement Parish in Ottawa and friends in Montreal.
A pilgrimage is a journey made to a holy place or shrine with the purpose of venerating a saint or martyr associated with the site,  to pray to God, to ask for supernatural aid, to give thanks for favours received, or to discharge some religious obligation.
C.P. Champion, Montreal
Michal Janek, Kanata
Dominic Ferrari, Ottawa
Mary Sue Ferrari, Ottawa
Bradley Hamilton, Ottawa
Paul Meechan, Kanata
The Chaplain is Fr. Hubert Bizard, FSSP



Crossing a field near Terrasse du Fleuve, Trois-Rivieres

Our Lady of the Cape - Pray for Us!

Notre Dame du Cap - Ora Pro Nobis!